There is good reason why museums, courts, insurance companies, and banks accept only our appraisals. It’s because our revolutionary appraisal technique uses TWENTY-EIGHT VARIABLES (like taxidermist reputation, specimen condition, rarity, and provenance) for specimen evaluation. We input these variables into our copyrighted mathematical formula (Duncan’s Equation).

We begin with a "replacement" method, then factor out the "recreational element" of the hunt. We subtract the potential opportunity to collect more than one animal on an expedition. We compare this base value to museum purchases and matching federal grants for similar animals. We then search our computers for evidence of federal court rulings on values of similar game mounts.

The best appraisal uses several different methods to determine value, not just horn length and record book listing. We have found, in our over 35 years experience, that you need all 28 factors to achieve a true value that will hold up under close IRS and insurance scrutiny.

This is why we can guarantee our appraisals to be accepted while other appraisers can’t. Isn’t this the kind of protection you want?

To learn more about our appraisal expertise, visit the Chicago Appraisers Association web site. CAA is the oldest appraisal firm in the Midwest, specializing in art appraisals, antique appraisals, and art donations and museum services.